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If you are interested in purchasing the fourteen domain names associated with this website:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

this set is for sale!.

Why Buy These Premium Domain Names?

These are premium domain names. That means it comprises real, English words that describe the business.
> Google, Bing and Yahoo have changed the way that they rank and list websites:
  > a) has been search engine optimised and continues to list well on the major search engines - with an increase on Google! Google now take into account how long the website has been active. has been online since 2003.
  > b) The major search engines now use the domain name as part of the listing and ranking criteria. is the business and searches include the terms 'boys', 'girls' and 'nice'. This change will be more prevalent in the future, as the need for accurate and focused results increases.
> In the Web 3.0 environment, single, unrelated word websites are a thing of the past. Domain name search results now use the domain name, therefore having a domain name that describes your business is a distinct advantage, in marketing, search engine result and domain valuation terms.
> In addition to the above, if your domain name relates to your business, your customers will remember you far easier. has many visitors who come directly to the website (i.e. no search) or type the website name directly into the search box, thus proving the business name is memorable.
> The set includes all of the top level domain (TLD) suffixes: .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .us, as well as, which is the second largest English-speaking marketplace. These TLD's list on the main .com, worldwide version of all of the major search engines. Therefore, not only will the US be targeted (the largest English-speaking marketplace) , but your products will also be available to all the major search engines' country-specific sub-sites. NiceBoysAndGirls is currently visited by customers from over 30 different countries, all of whom find the website via the major search engines. We will also include the logos, images and search-engine optimised pages! All you need to get up and running quickly!

For the 14 domain names we are inviting offers. Interested parties should contact us via the link below.

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